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Top GFW star rips Alberto El Patron at live event (video), more GFW news and notes



For those of you that did not see it, check out the clip below of Eli Drake ripping on Alberto El Patron at Saturday's GFW show in Staten Island. Essentially, he cut a promo on him and said that his words might not make people in the back happy. He said, "that's the guy that you want as the face as the newly christened GFW Impact? Because as far as I can see, there's one guy that's been searching for gold. There's one guy that's been running across this world saying 'yeah, there's nobody that can touch me.'"

Alberto was originally scheduled to appear at the shows in New York but was pulled after the Orlando airport incident with Paige. As of this writing, he remains suspended by the company until they conclude their own internal investigation. The word going around is that it was Ed Nordholm's call to keep him suspended.

In other GFW news, the AMPED Anthology pay-per-view will air this Friday night on pay-per-view. You can also watch through the FITE TV app, which can stream to your TV.

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If you are subscribed to the DirectTV Now streaming service, then you will be able to watch GFW Impact every week because they have stuck a deal to add CBS-owned channels and that includes Pop TV.

GFW will be running Bound For Glory on 11/5 at Universal Studios in Orlando. They will stay in Orlando after the PPV for TV tapings.

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