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Top Impact Wrestling star working through an injury

Moose has been pushed as the top star in Impact wrestling over the last several months and is working hard to maintain his role in the promotion.

Unfortunately, he is dealing with an injury. The Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion shared during an interview with today that he is working through a torn labrum.

He stated that he is currently feeling rough physically, but intends to work through the injury. However, he knows at some point he will have to take an extended period of time off to have the issue taken care of.

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Moose noted that due to his history of being an athlete, he knows what it’s like to battle through an injury as he once played an entire season in the NFL with a torn rotator cuff.

This past Saturday night at the No Surrender special, he retained the title over W. Morrissey. He will make his next title defense at the Sacrifice special on March 5th in Louisville, Kentucky.