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Top TNA star reportedly confronts Jeff Jarrett backstage at last week's Impact Wrestling tapings

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

As noted last week, the idea behind last week's Impact Wrestling tapings was to shoot some angles designed to bury the previous regime. It was their way of telling the fans that Impact has moved on and the product is getting better. The hope is that fans will give the product a chance again and they are bringing names back that older fans would identify with. They are using the #MIG Make Impact Great slogan.

Apparently, Eli Drake wasn't too happy with how some things went down at the tapings and confronted Jeff Jarrett, according to PWInsider. The word is that things didn't necessarily get ugly but Drake the make it a point to air out some of his frustrations that the current roster has with the changeover. These frustrations are normal and are bound to happen whenever there is a changeover with management.

Apparently, there were some talents that felt that some of the shots taken were unfair because it was taken as a shot at everyone that worked for the company, which would include some of the talent currently on the roster. In actuality, the shots were meant to be directed at the previous management (Dixie Carter) and not the previous talent.

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I am sure it's awkward with John Gaburick still working there since he was part of the previous regime. There were talents at the tapings that felt that they had to prove themselves again to the new management. I did talk to one talent that was happy to see Jarrett in charge and noted to me that things were being run much better than before. I have not heard any stories about late or missed paychecks and there is optimism for the long-term prospects for the company. That is something that could not have been said last year with the old management.