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TV company in the running to buy TNA, why it could be good news for wrestlers and fans

Dave Meltzer talked about the potential TNA sale during Sunday night’s Live Audio Wrestling. Meltzer is a weekly guest on The LAW on Sunday nights. As noted before, Aroluxe Marketing has been talked about as a potential investor for TNA. Meltzer noted that there might be a second and even a third bidder for TNA. He said that he has heard the name of the third bidder and it’s TV-based and it would be a TV station that can syndicate them internationally and run TNA kind of like Turner did with WCW. If the TV-based company buys TNA then they could clean house and air the wrestling company on their stations or they could merge it with another company.

Meltzer did not mention Sinclair Broadcasting during the LAW podcast and he was careful not to reveal the name of the TV company because he wanted to make sure that the story is correct but to me that sounds like Sinclair Broadcasting. It’s worth noting that the CEO of Aroluxe Marketing is David Johnson. Johnson worked at Sinclair Broadcasting (the parent company of ROH) for over 11 years. I think a deal with Sinclair would alleviate the money problems with wrestlers not getting paid on time and hopefully, if the deal happens, means that money can be put back into upgrading the look of the show and getting the company back on track. This could be good news for the wrestling business because wrestlers need more places to work. TNA does take a lot of criticism from fans but the reality is that the business needs a company like TNA to stick around. The other upside to the deal with the TV company is that TNA would no longer have to worry about being cancelled from their network. I’m sure they’d still be on Spike TV if Spike had ownership stake in TNA.

During the podcast, there was also talk about another company called Summit Strategic Investments. Apparently, that is the company headed by Roger Brown, the brother of Aroluxe Founder Jason Brown. I checked around and it appears that SSE could be the company helping Aroluxe with their bid for TNA and it would make sense since Aroluxe alone is not a big enough company that could fund TNA for a long time.

In last week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter, it was reported that Dixie Carter had originally gone to the company’s international partners such as Sony Six in India, Challenge TV in the UK and The Fight Network, offering them 10 percent to each entity with the idea being that they would help fund the company but they were not interested.

The belief is that Carter still wants to strike a deal that would give her majority share but Aroluxe wants 55% so they could take over and make changes. I don’t see how a deal can be made without Carter giving up control of TNA. If TNA has any chance of surviving this year, then it looks like she will have to make that decision soon.

Click here to listen to the show. Meltzer is on around the 42:00 mark.

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