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Tyrus comments on ROH joining Destination America and how it affects TNA

Monstrous BC himself, Tyrus joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this past week to discuss several topics. Down below is an excerpt from the interview in which he talks about Ring of Honor and TNA both being on Destination America.

“I think at first you are like what the hell.  Why are we on the same network?  Then we’re relying on them hoping they’re doing a good show because three hours a wrestling, let’s be honest is hard.  I think that the WWE and Raw, fans for three hours they don’t usually stay though three hours.  It’s just a long time for wrestling.  The difference in the production though, no disrespect to the guys at ROH,  they they bust their asses, it’s a different style.  The most deadly move in ROH is a roll-up.  I could literally, if you and I were wrestling in ROH I could shoot you with a shotgun and you‘d kick out but if I roll you up you’re like a turtle on your back.  Which is my problem too like I can kick out of anything but I can’t kick out of a roll up. I think it’s gravity. I just I know for three seconds I can’t move, complete fish out of water.”

“When you see the production value and the fact that most of their stuff is is recorded and run from what I understand on a couple other networks before it’s ran on Wednesdays, do it’s not live, it’s not recorded just for Destination America. That for me I was more alarmed with.  I welcome the competition. Back in the day on Saturday morning I can remember watching Mid-South would come on and then NWA would come on and you’d be watching three or four wrestling shows on one network.  You know so I mean that’s fine, I just think my concern was just is this good for our brand in terms of like, is Destination America going to help them with their production, you know to turn on a light or two on this on their show.  Some people will take it like I’m dissing ROH but at the end of the day I’m not dissing the workers at all but I just think the production value is not up to par with TNA.  To make the same arguments you know nobody’s on production value of WWE but  Ithink we’re close second.”


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