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Tyrus denies that he no-showed a CWE event

Danny Warren mentioned in a recent Facebook post that TNA star Tyrus no-showed a CWE event back in August. Warren alleges that Tyrus decided to miss the event and did not pay back the deposit that the promotion gave Tyrus in advance of the appearance.

Here is an excerpt of what Warren posted on Facebook:

Back in June while in the midst of promoting our "Fear Factor Tour" featuring Justin Gabriel we were already on the ball getting things rolling for our first tour of Alberta in August. Wanting to make a big an impression debuting in four new markets I put out feelers to my contacts about the use of Brodus Clay [Tyrus] for the first time, all of which were met with an endorsement of him.

Upon receiving his contact, we instantly connected and came to agreement on his availability, dates, and the financials.

Fast forward to almost tour time. For over a week I am trying to reach Brodus via telephone, text, and e-mail to book his flight and to connect him with some media that needs to be done for the tour to no avail. I sit and watch him actively update his social life on Instagram all well unprofessionally returning contact in a reasonable amount of time as flight prices climb by the day.

Finally, just a matter of weeks before the tour I get a response via text that "just this morning" TNA required him over in Japan during my tour and he would send back the deposit.

Our tour was in full promotional swing with him as the featured attraction on all radio, newspaper, and promotional print with there being very little time to cost effectively or effectively in general reach the masses with the change, never mind the added cost of having to book someone else last minute. As much as it is a financial inconvenience, that's the gamble you take promoting wrestling. That's fine, but please send me back the money sent to you for dates you weren't going to make.

A few weeks had gone by, and I had heard nothing from Brodus nor was the deposit returned. I sent my first message asking when the deposit could be expected to no response. A week later another text was sent and a few days later I receive a response saying his phone was smashed in Japan which caused the delay and he would be sending it shortly. Shortly passes and still nothing.

Tyrus has since commented on Warren’s comments via Reddit:

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Yeah so I cancelled this show 3 weeks prior to the show and not only did this guy continue to advertise that I was going to be there via print promotions he did online as well which could of easily been updated. I kept telling him to stop advertising that I was going to be there, or i wouldn't return his $250 deposit, but he continued to and sold tickets claiming I was going to be there.

Day of the event he told fans I cancelled last minute and it wasn't his fault I wasn't there, so i was the asshole not him. His deposit was returned but in a desperate attempt for attention he is running this BS anywhere he can.

Side note he changed the pay last second as well for the wrestlers who did do the show.... Wrestlers beware.