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Upcoming Impact Wrestling debut might have been already spoiled

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is looking to expand without it costing them too much money. It's a rather hard position to be in when you consider the whole idea of, "you've gotta spend money to make money."

The Anthem Sports owned Pro Wrestling company needs some fresh faces and it looks like one of those faces might have been accidentally leaked out during a Facebook Live session with Josh Mathews.

While he was walking around the arena and talking to the people who happened to be logged into Facebook at that time some people noticed a rather interesting image on the screen.

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During a Facebook Q&A session from the arena, Tyson Dux' name was briefly shown on the big screen. Dux hasn't competed in Impact Wrestling yet but he was an enhancement talent for WWE from time to time through the years. He's quite good and could do some really cool things if given the right opportunity.

Tyson Dux is also very Canadian which would fall in line with Impact Wrestling's new theme of hiring lots of Canadians because they like filming and doing business in Canada now. You can see Dux' name on the big screen in the video below (skip to 5:48).

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