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Update on the TNA sale talks

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

A couple of weeks ago, there was talk about the TNA sale being imminent. The company needs to make a deal if they want to stay afloat long-term. Thanks to money put in by Billy Corgan, they were able to tape TV last month and TNA CFO Dean Broadhead outright said, in a Facebook post, that they were in dire need for funding just days before the Slammiversary PPV and TV tapings.

Dixie Carter went on a two-week vacation to Africa after the recent set of tapings and since she is the key person in the negotiations, it's unlikely that a deal will be made while she's away. Another thing that has kept the deal from being finalized is that Carter wants to remain on board with the company. The idea is for this deal to be a face-saving move that would keep her on as a TV character.

TNA has a set of tapings next month. Those shows should cover them up to the Bound For Glory show in October. There was talk of doing BFG on 9/11 but the latest word is that they might move the show to 10/2. WWE will be running their Backlash show as a WWE Network exclusive on 9/11 and Clash Of Champions on 9/25 so it makes sense for TNA to run Bound For Glory on a different date.

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A couple of years ago, Toby Keith was in talks to buy TNA and he met with Dixie's father Bob Carter at his home. Keith was ready to sign off on the deal but Bob Carter insisted on his daughter staying on board as a TV character and as the figurehead President of the company. The deal from between Keith and TNA, which was meant for Jeff Jarrett to run the company, fell through.

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