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Update on TNA’s money issues, workers still owed money

There is nothing new on the TNA sale talks and, as noted earlier this week, the talent has not been told anything about an impending sale. Pop TV cancelling the Impact replay just four weeks after the move to Saturday is probably not helping them during their talks with investors. Pop TV’s decision to drop the replay follows the same pattern as Destination America and Spike TV. Both networks dropped TNA’s secondary shows before eventually dropping the main show. I should note that Pop TV President Brad Schwartz has not mentioned TNA on his twitter account since early March but he does plug other Pop TV shows. Also, Pop TV is apparently not spending much promoting TNA. We’ve gotten reports about Lucha Underground commercials airing during Raw in some cities but we’ve heard nothing about TNA commercials. We used to get press releases from Destination America but so far we’ve haven’t seen one email with promotional material from Pop TV.

In regards to the stories about TNA being late on paying their production people, most of the workers that worked at the last set of TV tapings were paid in full, but some were not paid at all. Apparently there were checks there for most and some checks were not there for others. This was blamed on a snafu, which is the same thing that they said in the past when there were issues with paying talent and production. The last set of tapings ended on a Sunday and the people that were owed checks were told that the checks would be sent on Monday. Well, it’s been three weeks and they still have not received their checks.

TNA is not far behind on pay like they have been in the past but there are definitely some financial issues and it’s looking like they are low on cash again. It’s interesting that they are going to run four days of tapings next month. Slammiversary will air live on 6/12 and they will be doing a live Impact on Tuesday 6/14. I would assume that the Monday 6/11 tapings will be for a future One Night Only PPV. If not, then that means that they would be taping Impact shows that would air after the Tuesday live show. They’ve done something similar before but that means that they would need to tape things on Monday that would still make sense for the storylines they shoot on the live show on Tuesday. Either way, the tapings will be shorter than usual so they would have to schedule another set of tapings within a couple of weeks and that means that they have to spend more money. It will be interesting to see how they can pull all of this off since it’s apparent that they are having money problems.

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