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Update on what happened with Kylie Rae at Bound For Glory, Heath Miller injury news

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Dave Meltzer provided an update on Heath Miller and Kylie Rae this morning on Wrestling Observer Radio. Miller was injured during the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match and Rae did not appear for her Knockouts Championship match against Deonna Purrazzo.

Kyle Rae update: “The Kylie Rae situation would probably be the first one to address. What happened was I knew she was hurt two weeks ago, but that’s not what happened here. What happened here is that she was there on Friday. They were expecting her to work on Saturday and she never came to the building on Saturday. She left no word. She didn’t call anybody. She disappeared. As the show was going on, obviously they were hoping she was going to show up. They couldn’t find her. They looked and she was gone. That’s when nothing was said beforehand. It was awkward as hell, especially watching it in hindsight. I think the situation was because they probably didn’t want to go in there and say somebody beat up Kylie Rae backstage and then it comes out the next day that there might be foul play or something bad happened to her. There was no foul play. She is fine as far as physically fine. They played the tape of her video package. They play her music and nobody comes out. Deonna Purrazzo came out and said she expected this and then challenged anybody in the back, man or woman, and Su Yung came out. They did find out after the show she was ok, but during the show, they didn’t know anything from what I understand.

Heath Miller update: "Heath Miller thought he tore his groin. He ended up not winning the match and he was supposed to win the match. He was in there a long time but didn’t do a lot. He got thrown out by Sami Callihan and Rhyno won the match. He went to the hospital after the match and he has a hernia. The thought is he will need surgery which means he will be out for a while. He was back at the hotel after going to the hospital. Alex Shelley came out for the tag team title match, and before the match started, he took this double arm piledriver from Josh Alexander and was dropped right on his head on the entrance ramp. That looked nasty. It was scripted but he has a real injury and he is taking time off because he was injured going in. It was very clear that this was done to take him out of the match because he was injured. He has damage to the C5 and C6 vertebrae so he has some neck damage.”

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