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Velvet Sky talks about her future in pro wrestling and wanting to wrestle Lita

Velvet Sky recently spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On her future:

The future is definitely wide open for me. I work hard every day to improve myself. I’m going to keep going forward in the professional wrestling industry. I am currently enrolled in school as well and working towards my degree. Velvet Sky is just going to keep on going strong every single day.

On if she thinks there are obstacles for women in pro wrestling:

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Women today have definitely left their mark on the business. More and more women are making headlines and history. In what used to be (and technically still is) a male-dominated business, women are being more respected in a “man’s world”. Back in the day, women’s matches were considered the sideshow. Now they are main eventing, while their matches are getting good ratings on shows. Women have worked hard to make a name for themselves. It’s really cool to see women who were strictly managers and valets become something more. They are being looked at as equal now. I’m super excited to be a woman in the professional wrestling world.

On her dream opponent:

I have always wanted to work with Amy Dumas (Lita). She was someone I looked up to when I was starting in the business. I remember watching her when going to a wrestling show, the night she debuted actually. She was the total package as far as a woman goes; guys and women loved watching her. Lita’s style was unique, and that made me go forward with my decision to become a professional wrestler. I’d rather have her on my team though. I believe we could make a cool pairing. Maybe we can face Angelina (Love) and Trish (Stratus). We could definitely have fun doing so. Or maybe we can have a Team Bestie (Trish and Lita) match against The Beautiful People (Angelina and I).

You can read the entire interview here.