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Vince Russo admits to contacting Pop TV President Brad Schwartz without TNA’s knowledge

UPDATE: Russo sent us this tweet…

Russo says that he only contacted Lucha Underground execs after his visit with them and he was only there to get content for his podcast.

ORIGINAL: On his recent podcast, Vince Russo admitted to contacting Destination America last year about getting a consulting job with them. Russo was grilled by his friend Glen “Disco Inferno” Gilberti about going behind TNA’s back. Russo also admitted to getting Brad Schwartz’ phone number and texting him. Schwartz is the President of Pop TV. Russo said that he wanted to let Schwartz know that he was sold a “bill of goods” by TNA and that the 1+ million viewers that he was expecting was not something he should expect from TNA. He said that he told Schwartz that he could help him fix the problems. For those that don’t know, Schwartz did an interview back in January and talked about wanting to get TNA back to the 1.3 million viewers that they were getting on Spike TV. Obviously, TNA has not come close to those numbers on Pop.

Russo also said that Destination America and Pop TV have no idea what good wrestling is and he wanted to consult for them. Yes, he contacted the heads of two different networks after being fired from TNA. Both networks passed on his offer.

Gilberti pointed out that Russo was being hypocritical and that he was purposely trying to go behind TNA’s back so he could sabotage them. Russo’s side was that he was trying to help TNA because he has friends in the company and didn’t want to see them canceled. Russo also admitted to emailing Lucha Underground’s Chris DeJoseph and Eric Van Wagenen and offering his services to them if they ever needed him. Keep in mind that Dave Meltzer had reported last year that Russo was looking for work with them but Russo had denied the reports at the time so Russo pretty much admitted that Meltzer was correct.

The video of the conversation with Russo and Gilberti was posted on YouTube and Vimeo but has been pulled due to a copyright claim. I believe the audio is up as part of Russo’s latest podcast on Podcast One.

I would imagine that Dixie Carter will not be happy when she hears all of this.


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