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Is Vince Russo back with TNA?

There's ALOT of talk right now that Vince Russo may be back with TNA. There's alot of speculation going around online and in TNA's locker room but nobody has been given a straight answer. There is a strong belief in the TNA lockerrom that he is back with the company and may be responsible for the writing of the last few shows.

I will say that the last couple shows did feel like Vince Russo-type shows so I guess it makes sense.

There seems to be some optimism today after TNA locked in a deal to return to Orlando's Universal Studios. Universal Studios are booked for the foreseeable future during the week but TNA was able to get weekend dates. That will be a huge weight of Janice Carter's shoulder since she's been handling the company's finances and the road tapings were costing the company in the range of $600,000.

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