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Vince Russo comments on rumors that claim he is back with Impact Wrestling

There was some talk this week that Vince Russo may be back with Impact Wrestling.

Russo has denied that he’s back with them and no one at Impact has confirmed the rumors so, as of now, they appear to be untrue. It is worth noting that when Russo was brought back several years ago, people in management denied that he was back when in fact he was working for them.

In a thread on the Wrestling Observer Forum, Dave Meltzer said the following regarding the rumors: “I’ve been hearing the rumors for a month, people at Impact who should know don’t know and people at the top have denied it to me. That doesn’t mean 100% it’s not true but until someone has evidence differently it’s best to take it as not true.”

Here is Russo’s response to the rumors:

“Years Ago I was Hired by TNA as a consultant. Part of the Terms was to keep it Quiet. I did what my Employer asked me to do. When I accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong address-it came out. I was labeled a LIAR for keeping the confidentiality my employer asked me to. (1)

At that time I vowed myself to never allow myself to get into that situation again. The Dirt Sheets are stirring up that I’m consulting fort TNA again. Hate to kill their FALSE BS-but-I’m not. is a FULL-TIME JOB and I wouldn’t trade it in for THE WORLD (2)”

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