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Vince Russo says Dixie Carter should tell the TNA talent the real future of Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Former TNA creative writer Vince Russo has posted a new blog, discussing the future of TNA and how management is keeping the talents in the dark with the future of the company. Down below is an excerpt from the blog:

For months, we have all been reading the stories concerning the “rumors” that Destination America is going to be opting out of their two-year deal with IMPACT WRESTLING come the end of September. The truth is that more people are talking about that subject matter these days, far more than they are talking about the TNA product itself. Why? It’s simple. TNA losing their television contract will have a major impact on the entire wrestling industry as a whole, while their current product is just the same old, uninteresting, collar-n-elbow lock-up dribble that they’ve been producing for quite some time now.

This column, however, isn’t about the “current” state of TNA, quite frankly because there is zero interest on my part to discuss something that is just not worth discussing. Having worked there, the way the entire Jeff Jarrett Global Wrestling Force take-over has been handled is perhaps the single-worst missed opportunity I have ever witnessed in the history of the business. While there is so much “reality meat” on the bone concerning the Jarrett-Carter history, how those involved in creative could just fail back on a typical “rasslin’” storyline is an absolute sham and embarrassment. No, a lack of creative talent is really what it is.

No, this column is about what TNA Management—Dixie Carter & John Gaburick—may indeed know about the future of their company, that they are not sharing with those that are depending on its survival to make a living. After the holiday, we are merely three weeks from the company’s possible extinction—and, those who have made TNA for well over the last decade—are standing in the dark with not even a pen light.

To me—that sucks. That sucks because I have survived the deceit, and dishonesty of TNA owner Dixie Carter over the years, and trust me, those situations have left deep scars that to this day have not properly healed. The hiring of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff behind my back while Matt Conway and myself were doing everything possible to try to get the company on track by utilizing their young stars to their fullest potential was one thing, but asking me to lie to others about my employment there was a totally different story. But, that simply is how Dixie has done business over the years, and this is what you call—when your past mistakes catch up with you, as a failure to try and correct them.

Three weeks away–both TNA and Destination America both know what the future is–it’s business they have—but, why it is being kept a big secret is beyond me. OR–IS IT? Look, if the news was good, the odds are that there would be champagne popping in Nashville at this very moment, but there’s not, there’s total silence. With four shows running through the end of this month left in the can, TNA should have already announced where their next set of TV tapings are going to be held in an effort to fill the seats—but, they haven’t. To me, that may speak volumes. If the news were good you think the pat on the back of endorsement would have come from the DA execs by now—but it hasn’t—or else we would all know about it.

Look, I’m not a psychic, I don’t have an inside track, as a matter of fact there is no factual basis to any of my thoughts here—just speculation–however, if Dixie Carter and John Gaburick know the future of every man and woman in that company who works for them and they’re not talking—shame on them. Those people deserve better. The truth is always a good place to start whether the news is good . . . or bad. But, again, based on my experience—truth was always the best kept secret in TNA, and quite frankly—why should that change now?

You can read the entire blog here.

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