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W. Morrissey reveals dark details of his drinking problem, what made him finally seek help

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

On this week's "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Impact's W. Morrissey talked about going to college to be a doctor, rooming with Jon Moxley in FCW, his drinking problems, getting help from DDP, and dating DDP's daughter.

Morrissey said he went to college to be a doctor:

"I always wanted to wrestle. I was a fan since I can remember going to shows at Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, and the Meadowlands. I guess there was a point in time in high school when it wasn't cool anymore, but I stayed a wrestling fan," Morrissey said.

"I went to college, you know, pre-med, took the MCAT, and was doing all that good stuff. I was pretty much lying to myself that I was going to be a doctor. I didn't really have any passion for it. When I was studying for the MCAT, I was like, 'I'm going to do my best on this exam, but I have no passion for this.' If I have to go to med school and then residency and do something that I'm not very interested in that I'm pretending that I want to do, and I'm pretending I love it, it wasn't worth it to me."

"So once I graduated college, the next day, I went to Johnny Rodz wrestling school and paid tuition that day and started training."

Morrissey talking about being roommates with Jon Moxley when they were in FCW in 2012:

"I moved in with Jon in 2012 because I had a roommate when I first got there, and he ended up getting released. Jon was looking for a new place to live because his first place was a complete dump. He was trying to move out because it served its purpose, but he didn't want to live there anymore. So I just told him you can move in with me."

"This is what rent is, we'll split it, and then he moved in. We didn't really know each other that well before that so when he was moving in, it was a bit awkward, like I don't even really know this guy, and I'm sure he was thinking the same thing."

Morrissey said his drinking became a real problem in 2017:

"Like in 2017, the drinking was really out of hand. It was easy to hide, because alcoholics are very good at hiding their alcoholism. So I was hiding it from a lot of people. I got injured and when I came back, I was just in a bad place mentally, and not to blame it on taking medications that I definitely shouldn't be drinking with, but I guess I just kept drinking and kept fuc*ing up," he said.

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"The drinking, yeah, it got completely out of hand to the point where everybody was noticing. There was no hiding it anymore. Everybody knew. It's sad to say looking back, but at the time, I knew everybody knew and I still didn't give a fu*k. I was like, I didn’t care. I don't know what switch flipped in my head, but I really gave up spiritually. At that point, I was done."

On if getting released by WWE made things easier or harder at the time:

"Initially, it was a very small relief because I had known it was coming. But that uncertainty can really eat you alive, especially at night trying to fall asleep. You kind of know what's coming, but you're not sure. When I got released, for a very small amount of time, it was a relief. But the drinking got really out of hand after that point because I had a roof over my head."

"I had plenty of money in the bank. I had no responsibilities anymore. I had no one to keep me accountable, and I was by myself in Tampa, Florida, where none of my family members or my friends from home were around to check on me. It was a recipe for disaster and it really got bad," he continued.

"Looking back now, I faced some really bad consequences, but I'm very fortunate that the consequences didn't end up worse."

On getting help from DDP:

"After I had that first seizure in Philadelphia back in 2018, he got in touch with me. He said, 'You know if you're ever ready to come down here and visit Atlanta, I'd really like to help you.' I guess in May of 2019 is when I went down to Atlanta to link up with him just hanging out, working out, and talking. We developed a relationship and a bond."

"He's helped me tremendously. He was very instrumental in getting me through rehab the first time."

On dating DDP’s daughter:

“DDP told his daughter, Lexi, 'Hey, I got this guy coming this week to stay with us and work out.' A lot of the times when someone comes to stay with Dallas, it's an older person or someone that's having physical problems but usually older at the tail end of their career or already retired. So that's what she thought and then you know, she was in the kitchen in pajamas and very not done up and she was just having coffee or whatever."

"I walked upstairs and she was like, 'I didn't know that this was the person', but we developed a friendship at first, because that's a tough situation to navigate. So we developed a good friendship and it kept getting better. Then finally we started dating and she was there for me in my corner through rehab and through everything. So she's been a godsend."

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