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Wes Brisco discusses the impact Aces & Eights had on TNA Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

On this week's "Table Talk," Wes Brisco stopped by to talk about TNA's Aces & Eights storyline.

Wes Brisco & D-Von Dudley talking about the Aces & Eights storyline in TNA from 2012-2013

Wes Brisco said, ‘The cool thing about being able to be a part of Aces & Eights is that we got to work with everybody on the roster. There wasn’t one person that we didn’t get to interact with, didn’t get to wrestle with, or tell some type of story with, no matter who came into that building during that time because we were the hottest thing there. Even though we didn’t win that many matches, we still held a presence on TV that whenever anybody came, they were going to be involved with us. In the clubhouse, we actually had real strippers.”

D-Von added, “We were actually living like we were a part of the Sons of Anarchy. That’s the way the Aces & Eights really were. We were a close family. We had a good time. I think that’s why it got over so well because we were actually living the gimmick.”

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Wes continued, "Also, I don’t think there were any holes for the people to see. We all actually loved and wanted to work with each other.”

D-Von said the Aces & Eights was Eric Bischoff’s idea:

“Aces & Eights was Bischoff’s creation. He was a fan of Sons of Anarchy. A lot of us were, but he had the vision of bringing it to pro wrestling, and making sure the people that he had involved with the storyline actually looked the part. The only difference is I didn’t know how to ride a bike. So I said everybody else can come in on a motorcycle and I’ll come in on a moped.”

You can view the entire "Table Talk" interview with Wes Brisco below.

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