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What is the deal with Taryn Terrell’s return to GFW?

If you watch Global Force wrestling on Pop TV then you already know about the return of Taryn Terrell. Fans were surprised to see her back since she quit the wrestling business in 2015. But it looks like Terrell has done a 180 on her religion and that may have opened the door for her to return to wrestling. Back in 2015, she left wrestling after becoming a born-again Christian and did an interview with FOX News where she said that she no longer wanted to play up the sexiness of her character because it conflicted with her beliefs.

In 2015, she said, “I think that I have played, and recently, I have played an even more sexy character than I was used to playing, and it’s something that I prayed on and I know that’s not who I want to portray anymore. I know that’s not who I am and it’s not who I want to portray, and how can I connect with people, and sort of live that double standard. And yes, if I cannot find a way to use God and be godly in the things that I do then yes, it is time to walk away.”

She said that the role that she was portraying a character was basically “being a temptation to men” and she realized that she needed to adjust because it was important for her to be a Christian.

“I went on the road with WWE for a while and that want to be a Christian sort of went by the wayside,” Terrell admitted on a YouTube video that has now been deleted. “I lived in sin. I was not a good person. I can say that I am ashamed of who I was in a lot of ways and the decisions that I made, and it was because I wasn’t a Christian.”

So anyway, she is back with GFW and back to portraying the same character. Many fans on social media took notice and it was even referenced in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “Taryn Terrell must have been someone who did a 180 on the religion thing. She went from quitting wrestling and saying it didn’t fit in with her religious beliefs to not just returning, but returning with a ring costume that was essentially negligee with massive implants hanging out and the next thing you know, the outfit she wore on the 8/24 show she was putting up for an Ebay auction, noting that you could buy the outfit unwashed.”

Whatever the deal is with her, we are glad to see her back on TV again and hopefully, she is happy. If you missed it, check out her segment in the video below (scroll down).

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