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WWE or TNA? Kurt Angle makes his announcement

We've pretty much have known this for some time but Kurt Angle officially announced on Vince Russo's podcast today that he is staying with TNA. Angle had been teasing for weeks that he would be choosing between TNA or WWE. There was a report elsewhere that Angle was offered a full-time deal with WWE. That is not the case. WWE, in fact, was not interested in bringing back Kurt Angle.

As noted before, Vince McMahon was worried way back in 2006 about Angle's health and after Angle was gone from the company McMahon said that he would not bring him back because he didn't want Angle dying on the company's watch. Basically, they were not willing to risk bringing him back due to his history of injuries, his bad neck, and substance abuse issues that he's had in the past.

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