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Young boy with a medical condition got to live out his dream at last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings

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Young boy with a medical condition got to live out his dream at last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings

Last Sunday and Monday, Impact Wrestling taped another round of TV tapings at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario. The highlight from both nights was what they did for a young boy named Steven. He has an incurable medical condition that has led to him needing 2 major brain and spine surgeries. Kudos to the folks at Impact Wrestling for doing this and we would like to point out that they did this without publicizing it. I think they deserve to be acknowledged for doing this for the young boy.

Crystal Spice, Steven’s mother, shared his story on Facebook:

“For those that know me you know that it takes me a lot to say that I am speechless, but what happened on Sunday has truly left me speechless as there are no words I can say that can express the gratitude I feel towards Ross Forman Tyson Dux, and especially Joe Hendry from TNA Impact

You see in the last two years almost three years as a family we have seen our little guy, Steven, be put through more than most adults go through in their entire lives and we saw how his whole world got flipped upside down and turned inside out.

Steven at the young age of seven sees 7 sets of doctors at sick kids hospital for his incurable condition, he has had 6 mris, 3 CT scans, 3 sleep studies due to his severe and central obstructive sleep apnea , 2 major brain and spine surgeries to try and help alleviate the full length syrinx in his spine and as well as decompress his chiari malformation. He has lost all feeling on his upper right side and may never get it back.

Steven went from being a normal little boy to never being able to do what a lot of us take for granted. He will never be able to play contact sports, cannot over exert himself in any kind of physical education, no waterslides, no real playgrounds, no roller coasters, sometimes even getting out of bed is a challenge because of how he feels, but this little warrior never lets it stop him.

Instead he faces all of the testing and surgeries and uncertainties head on. He gives back to other children at sick kids hospital, he runs his own toy drive, he’s an advocate against bullying, he runs backpack drives and raises awareness and funds to try and open the first chiari malformation research foundation here in Canada at sick kids hospital. He is a hero and inspiration in my eyes who has gone through so much in the last 2 years.

But for two nights Impact Wrestling allowed him to forget his worries and allow him to be a boy with a dream to be a wrestler. They are an all-star team with hearts of gold who went above and beyond anything we could have dreamed for our little boy who only is able to get through the dark days by watching wrestling.

To Tyson thank you for being such a great sport and hanging with our little guy. Thank you for helping bring a sparkle to his eyes. You have a fan for life actually four in all of us.

To Joe Hendry, words cannot express how much everything you have done and are continuing to do for our little guy means to me, but more importantly Steven. From talking strategy to allowing him to sign an autograph all over your shirt, to holding him high up on the ring as the crowd cheered Steven, Steven, Steven and sharing your special night and gift with him. You truly are a local hero and the prestigious one. Your support with him will never be forgotten and I am happy that he has a new special friend in you. Truly there aren’t enough words.

To Ross, I don’t even know how to thank you for bringing this whole special event to life and making Steven a part of the impact family. You are truly a dream maker and I am so happy we met you and Steven will get to see you again soon.

To all of the impact family, you guys were all amazing with both of my little guys and I will always cherish the memories you created with us dear in my heart and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Lastly to Aaron A Weiss (my big brother) thank you for starting the ball rolling and joining us on his special night.

#impactwrestling #dreambiglittleone #tysondux #joehendry #theprestigiousone #wrestling #chiariwarrior #undefeated #syringomeliasurvivor #nevergiveup #thankful”

For those that know me you know that it takes me a lot to say that I am speechless, but what happened on Sunday has…

Posted by Crystal Spice on Thursday, August 16, 2018


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