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Austin Aries leaving Twitter due to mental health concerns

Austin Aries

Former WWE star and current Major League Wrestling (MLW) talent Austin Aries has taken to Twitter to announce that he'll be stepping away from the social media platform.

Aries noted that, as someone who has suffered from mental health issues his entire life, he needs to reevaluate what is and isn't contributing to his depression. Aries has determined that Twitter has become too toxic, as it's full of negativity, leading to his decision to step away.

Here's what he had to say:

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"I didn’t become a professional wrestler to be famous or a celebrity or a brand. I just really loved pro wrestling. There’s so much I’d go back and tell that kid now, 20yrs later. And if I could, I’m not so sure he’d chase that same dream again."

"As someone who’s struggled with mental health my whole life, I have to be aware when things aren’t serving me, or worse, contributing to my depression. Unfortunately, @Twitter has become that, the negativity too much. So I’ll be stepping away for now. Thanks for following."