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Court Bauer talks about a potential MLW streaming service or television deal

Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling

Court Bauer spoke with Fightful this week where he discussed a potential MLW streaming or TV deal, and the idea of an all women's show.

Court Bauer was asked if there is anything he can talk about regarding a streaming service or TV deal:

"I can't really because I'll get into trouble. I will say that obviously we had a pretty big setback last year. So then you kind of have to reassess like, 'Oh, my God, I have to go through this whole process again.' It's like Groundhog Day," Bauer said.

"So then you go back into the process of it. These conversations and things take time. It's not like you just call up someone and it's like, 'Yeah, I want that and I want that’, like going through a drive-thru. I wish it was. You have to go back down that path."

"It's a draining process because there’s an ebb and flow to it. So yeah, we're pretty far along with some conversations now. I'm cautiously optimistic. There's no pen to paper. I don't want to give anyone false hope, but my job is to find a new deal.”

Court on what a streaming service is looking for:

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"A lot of places you talk to, especially if it's a streaming thing more than a linear play or cable network play, they want hours and hours. They want a catalog. They want to keep people watching. They want them to be able to go and just do a deep dive into that library."

"So say your library goes back to 2002 and has Dusty Rhoads, Terry Funk, Joey Styles, CM Punk, and then you have guys like Bryan Danielson popping up. It's a good library. It's a good thing to have. The more footage you have, the better for a lot of these conversations. Now more than ever, they just want to be fed content. So it's certainly strategically appealing to them," he said.

Court on the idea of an all women’s show:

"When we have our media rights discussions, it's like the primary series, it's talking about live specials, and then the offshoot opportunities. We want to be able to do a women's show and we think it's very possible. They deserve their own time. I would love to have it. I think it'd be an awesome show and I think it would have a distinctly different feel to it. It's just a matter of we need a partner to support it. If we have a partner that wants it, man, how many hours do you want?"

You can view Fightful's entire talk with Court Bauer below.

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