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MLW accused of locking wrestlers to $14,000 contracts for 3 years combined, MLW COO Jared St Laurent responds and claims Joey Janela threatened him

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez talked about the situation between Joey Janela and MLW on Twitter. Meltzer said, “Joey Janela claimed that there is a guy he knows that’s under a contract [in MLW] that is under a 3 year deal and the total money guaranteed for the 3 years is $14,000. Guys have the opportunity to go elsewhere and they’re not let out of their contract. That’s true. We’ve seen this with Impact and we’ve seen this with MLW that guys sign deals and they get an offer from somebody else, which in theory is tampering. Maybe that’s part of the lawsuit that will come out.”

Meltzer added, “the only reason wrestlers are signed to contracts is so you can plan out storylines with them for a long period of time because they are under contract because if not, there is no point in having them under contract if it’s not to guarantee the ability to plan out long term stories with them or having the knowledge that you are going to have them for a certain length of time. Everyone in Lucha Underground got screwed by the contract. It was horrible. If you think that you have potential to go [to WWE or AEW], don’t sign a long term contract with somebody else.”

St. Laurent accused Janela and GCW of penetrating a “whisper campaign” against MLW for years. St. Laurent said this in response to Janela saying that MLW won’t let talent out of their contracts: “That never happened. Janela & GCW have perpetrated a whisper campaign against MLW for years, knowing we were too classy to respond. Now that Janela has been confronted, he’s not sure what to do. As MLW has grown, so has MLW pay. To the point that GCW is now the one paying less.”

In the tweets below, Janela claims that MLW locks in wrestlers to low money deals, and they are locked up for years before they can negotiate to get more money with other companies.

St. Laurent responded by saying Janela is referring to old deals. “As we’ve grown, so has our payroll,” St. Laurent said.

Janela then said that he has a recent 2021 contract in his possession for “14k for 3 years combined and this one was on the higher end I’ve seen.”

You can see some of the tweets below.

Janela responded to St. Laurent’s claim that Janela’s “WWE dream” died with Gabe Sapolsky was released.

St. Laurent then claimed that Janela is blackballed for drinking on the job. St. Laurent said the following about Janela:

“He’s blackballed from MLW for drinking on the job & injuring people. He has heat in AEW for similar issues & unlikely to be re-signed. His WWE dream evaporated when Gabe got fired. So he’s throwing a temper tantrum. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish him well. I want him to do well.”

Janela responded:

“I was what at MLW? Lol

I’ve never injured anyone in MLW nor been drunk in MLW or AEW during a match. you’re embarrassing with these lies & digging a bigger ditch.

Once again I wouldn’t work in WWE because I couldn’t do GCW & Independents.

You look like the biggest loser..”

In the tweet below, St. Laurent claimed to have been sent threatening messages by Janela.

There was also a back and forth between St. Laurent and David Bixenspaon. In another response about the low money contract claims, St. Laurent stated in a tweet, “we signed 12 wrestlers in 2021 and $300 per appearance was the lowest amount, somebody who complained to me you pay them much less than that.”

Janela then asked, “$300 for how many dates?” and St. Laurent responded, “our deals are non-exclusive and our talent wrestles for countless promotions. you get upset when we get buzz and pre-orders for your PPV are underwhelming so you’re trying to drum up controversy. you’re a one trick pony.”

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