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In January, MLW filed an anti-trust lawsuit against WWE where they alleged that WWE interfered with potential streaming/television deals with Tubi and Vice TV. The suit also accused WWE of attempting to poach MLW talent while they were still under contract with the company.

According to court documents obtained by, Judge Edward J. Davila scheduled a conference on Tuesday to discuss a trial date for the case between MLW and WWE. The conference date is scheduled for September 7, 2023, in San Jose, California. It was also ruled that all amended pleadings in the lawsuit are due on February 13, 2023.

MLW previously laid out the materials they were seeking in discovery last week, which usually takes place after the amended pleadings are submitted. An excerpt from the court documents can be seen here:

"Plaintiff anticipates taking discovery with respect to its claims, including, among other information: (1) the relevant antitrust market; (2) documents related to VICE, Tubi and FITE; (3) WWE’s employment agreements, event venue agreements and distribution agreements; (4) WWE’s poaching of talent from MLW, AEW and other competitors; (5) WWE’s interference with booking arenas; (6) the impact of WWE’s conduct on entry into the market for broadcasting of professional wrestling programming and related consumer harm; (7) documents related to Jerry S. McDevitt’s appearance in the Dark Side of the Ring program; and (8) damages. Defendant anticipates taking discovery with respect to its defenses in the case, including but not limited to, Plaintiff’s attempts to obtain broadcasting rights from the hundreds if not thousands of other potential buyers, Plaintiff’s efforts to start its own streaming service (which it acknowledges that WWE and Impact have started), and Plaintiff’s recent successes in obtaining broadcast agreement(s), such as its agreement with Pro Wrestling TV, which demonstrate the frivolous nature of its antitrust claims. The Parties are not proposing to conduct discovery in phases or to limit discovery to particular issues."

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Since the lawsuit was filed, WWE has attempted to get the lawsuit dismissed numerous times.