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Salina de la Renta is done with MLW

Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling

Salina de la Renta has finished up with MLW.

Renta, real name Natalia Class, first noted back in April that she would be leaving the promotion. She was the first female analyst to be on MLW Fusion’s Spanish announce team and was given the chance to be an Executive Producer for an episode of Fusion back in January.

Renta got into pro wrestling back in 2016 where she first went by the name of "Mila Naniki.” Before going to Major League Wrestling, she worked for IBIW and American Combat Wrestling.

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MLW made news on Wednesday night when Luis Fernandez-Gil, who played the roles of Dario and Antonio Cueto on Lucha Underground, was revealed as El Jefe, who is the head of Aztec Underground.

Renta was held hostage on the show and Cueto was sitting at a desk with another individual. While on the phone, he said that he would be seeing someone on July 10th. This is the date of MLW’s return in front of live fans.