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Teddy Hart arrested again

Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart is in jail after recently being arrested once again.

Hart, real name Edward Ellsworth Annis, was booked into the Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday night.

He was charged with three offenses - injuring child/elderly/disabled person, evading arrest with a vehicle, and possession of a controlled substance, according to court documents. 

No other details on his arrest are known at this time, which includes his bond and court date.

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Hart was just arrested in Richmond, Virginia last month. In that situation, the City of Richmond arrest records list the charge descriptions as follows:



Ironically, he was supposed to be in court today to face those charges. These arrests are the latest in his long list of legal troubles.

He had charges filed against him in 2014 for sexual assault only for them to be dropped in 2016. In 2017, he was charged with DUI, evading arrest, and taking a vehicle without the owner's consent.

Fast forward to earlier this year, hehe was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule III substance with intent to sell or distribute. On March 4, he violated his house arrest. On March 26, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting Maria Manic by strangulation resulting in wounding/bodily harm.