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Bullet Club original shows off amazing transformation

Bad Luck Fale is a big dude and he’s always been large in size but right now he is in even better shape and a huge force to be reckoned with. The Tongan from New Zealand has been a member of the Bullet Club since 2013 and smashed plenty of foes in the ring during his time with the famous New Japan stable. But his recent personal accomplishments outside the ring are pretty great as well.

Fale sent out a side-by-side comparison to show his body transformation after incorporating weights into his training. He’s slimmed down and bulked up considerably. This will certainly make the 36-year-old an even more credible threat in the ring than he already is.

Fellow BC good brothers have also commented on his impressive success with words of encouragement as he continues to shape his body into something new. It’s never an easy process but once the results are noticeable to this degree you’ve got to give Bad Luck Fale some props for buckling down and making a big difference.

This kind of new muscle definition and work out routine will make it much easier for him to execute a Samoan Drop of Bad Luck Fall, for sure. Congratulations really are in order for Bad Luck Fale because these before and after photos are quite impressive.

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