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Photo Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling


Kenny Omega explains why he hasn’t signed with WWE yet

Kenny Omega’s contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling is rumored to expire in 2019. There has been a ton of speculation as to where the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion could end up. Many would like to see “The Cleaner” finally make his way to WWE. Others would prefer Omega to stay in Japan and continue helping the promotion grow.

This is certainly one of the top free agency storylines to watch early next year. Recently, Omega did an interview with “The Business Times” while attending the¬†Gamestart Asia 2018 gaming convention. During the interview, Omega was asked about all the different styles of wrestling outside WWE.

Omega then discussed he himself going to WWE, and said, if money was his primary motivator, he would’ve been in WWE a long time ago:

“I am sort of very much a part of representing an alternative. If my motivation was money, I would already be in the WWE. I was down on the current product and I wanted to create a style and have matches that my friends, my family and other athletes could watch and enjoy.

“There’s a certain kind of-of wrestling fan that will only like a certain style. They think that’s the right way and that’s okay but I’m not trying to impress those people. Those people are already kind of set in their ways. I’m trying to open the world to a different style, what pro-wrestling has the potential to be.”

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