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New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Bold Choice For New President Could Change The Company

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New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Bold Choice For New President Could Change The Company

New Japan Pro Wresling is stretching their reach far beyond their own country and assisting in a resurgence in independent wrestling as part of their invasion of the United States.

As NJPW’s biggest stars become household names throughout North America, the company made a bold decision when picking their new president.

“New Japan has a new president which is a big story, actually a huge story,” Dave Meltzer said during Wrestling Observer Radio. “Herald Meig is his name so he’s from Holland he went to Bucknell and NYU so he studied school in the United States. He lived in Japan as a child then he moved to Indonesia and then the United States and then he went back to Japan after college and started working for various companies in Japan including Coca-Cola Japan.”

“So he has no background whatsoever in wrestling but he knows the international business scene and he’s there to help expand New Japan outside of Japan. The idea that they would have a president that is outside of Japan is unheard of. I have never heard of a — I mean I’ve heard of some companies where Americans kinda ran the companies but they were like small independent type things. But they were never like the major company. It was always run by Japanese so yeah it’s a real major move and that’s part of it.”

“But it tells you that they are very much going to be more and more aggressive in this market going forward. It’ll still be baby steps going more and more.”

Meltzer went on to say that New Japan’s plan was to set up a West Coast territory in the US stretching from California to Seattle and keep it running on a constant basis. They obviously didn’t go with this plan but there is still a New Japan Dojo in LA which is frequented by top guys on a regular basis.

Only time will tell what strategy New Japan goes with from this point on, but it looks like they’ve made an interesting choice on who will lead them into this new era where they spread their reach into unfamiliar territory.

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