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New Japan Pro Wrestling's Rocky Romero appeared on AEW Unrestricted to talk about the working relationship between NJPW and AEW. He also talks about his AEW Dark debut, reuniting with Trent Baretta, his days in ROH, his legacy and more.

Romero talked about why he wears an eye patch while wrestling:

"There's a rapper called Slick Rick from the 80s and early 90s. I don't know why, but maybe somebody in a song was talking about Slick Rick and I thought it would be cool if I add an eye patch, but I'll do something cool like, I'll put my face on it or I'll put like a really cool design on it or something. So then I came up with the ideas of having different eye patches for different outfits. Then I started to think like this is going to be an easy merch thing. You know, because everybody's selling T-shirts. Everybody's selling hats. Nobody's selling custom eye patches.

"That was kind of the inspiration for merchandise. Then it became fun because I was designing eye patches for different situations. I just kind of stuck with it. Now I've simplified it a little bit more. I've just got like one or two eye patches. But I don't know, I think it's just a really cool look coming to the ring and making it a part of the entrance gear. There's no story. I didn't get blinded in one eye or something."

"I think I did Dark or something and Mark Henry was on commentary. I don't know if he started to make up the story. When I walked to the back, he said, ‘I didn’t know what to say about your eye patch, so I just made up a story. What’s the story with the eye patch?’ I said, ‘I just wanted to sell merch and make money.’”

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Romero on if there will be a second Forbidden Door in the future:

“It's a lot of hard work trying to get everybody on the same page, two companies that run two completely different businesses. One is very much a TV model, one more of a touring group. Just getting everybody together and understanding what was really important took time. I feel now we're in a great position after Forbidden Door to easily do Forbidden Door 2 if and when it does happen because now there's really a great understanding, I think, between both companies and how they work." 

Click below to listen to the interview.

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