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The history between top NJPW star Will Ospreay and WWE’s Seth Rollins goes back a few years.

Ospreay and Rollins engaged in a Twitter feud in 2019 that saw Rollins publicly apologizing for his tweets after he made his beliefs known about WWE and the product they present to their fans with their stars. It would later lead to Rollins and Ospreay exchanging words, where Rollins brought up how he has more money in his bank account.

Ospreay has recently expressed interest in doing a match with Rollins.

"I've mentioned Seth Rollins' name many times," Ospreay said in an interview with Tokyo Sports. "And he's approached me from the other side, so I have a lot of thoughts. I also think it would be a dream come true to fight Ricochet one more time, considering my history."

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Ospreay and Ricochet have history, but they’ve worked several matches before Ricochet went to WWE, including a controversial 2016 match at NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII.

"I think we've both become completely different wrestlers from when we fought in the past," Ospreay added. "I think we're at a turning point right now, and in the past I've talked with people from WWE about how it would be nice to have a dream match in the future that transcends the boundaries of the different organizations."

NJPW broke with the tradition of not stripping Karl Anderson as the NEVER Openweight Champion when he couldn’t defend it on November 5th due to a double booking incident as WWE also booked him for Crown Jewel on the same day.