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Rocky Romero sat down with Denise Salcedo this week to discuss the Forbidden Door PPV, his role behind the scenes with the show, and if they could do a Forbidden Door show in Japan.

Rocky Romero giving his thoughts on the AEW Forbidden Door PPV:

"It was a huge success in so many ways financially, and it was such a big success with the fan base as well with AEW fans, New Japan fans, and pro wrestling fans in general. The feedback has been awesome," he said.

On his behind the scenes role with this show:

"I think that I sent a text to Tony and said, 'I think it would be cool if there was somehow that we could figure out how to do some kind of joint events.' Then it just kind of started from there."

"I think he immediately had ideas about what we could do card wise. Starting with Okada, Jay, Hangman, and I'm not sure if Cole was in the picture at that time or not, or if Cole came later, but that was already an idea. It was funny that it all kind of worked out that way, all the way to the Forbidden Door, which this probably conversation was like 10 months ago."

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"It kind of snowballed, and obviously, both sides get busy with what they're actually doing because New Japan is running a full time promotion. AEW is running a full time promotion. So it's very difficult to get everybody together three weeks before to do a show. It's very difficult because scheduling is a nightmare. That's kind of where it started, I want to say, like, 10 months ago, and I think it started with that text."

On if they could do a Forbidden Door show in Japan:

"I know that's something that New Japan is very interested in doing. It doesn't necessarily have to be Forbidden Door 2. It could definitely be in Japan."

"It was successful in the United States, but also Forbidden Door was successful internationally. So I feel like that's something that could be left open. There's definitely tons of places that you can go internationally with a card like Forbidden Door." 

You can view Denise Salcedo's entire interview with Rocky Romero below.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Denise Salcedo with a h/t to for the transcription.