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Rocky Romero on the big difference between NJPW and WWE


Rocky Romero on the big difference between NJPW and WWE

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Rocky Romero sees a big difference between his current promotion and the WWE – jealousy.

Romero was recently interviewed by  The Orlando Sentinel and discussed several professional wrestling topics. One topic of discussion was the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion’s thoughts on the differences between NJPW’s philosophy and WWE’s.

He noted that NJPW tries to work together to put on the best show possible, and there’s no jealousy in the locker room. Romero compared this in contrast to WWE’s push on their talents to reach for the “brass ring” and compete with one another for a top spot:

“We’re not about selfishness. It’s different with WWE. They’re telling wrestlers to reach for the brass ring and compete with each other for top spots.

“The Japanese mentality is to work together to make the ship run better. It’s been instilled in me for a long time and now I’m passing it on to Sho and Yoh [of Roppongi 3K] to guide them, let them learn from mistakes and make them the best.”

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