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Will Ospreay shares an x-ray of his neck injury

Will Ospreay

Last week, NJPW announced that Will Ospreay is injured and had to vacate the IWGP World Heavyweight Title because of it.

It was stated he’s dealing with a neck injury. His last match saw him beat Shingo Takagi on May 4th to retain the title.

After the news broke, it was reported the injury is legitimate, but there was a disagreement between Ospreay and NJPW over treatment. Ospreay wanted to return to the UK while the company wanted him to remain in Japan.

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This also comes at a time where there was "unrest" among the NJPW roster over how the promotion handled the COVID-19 situation.

There's still no word yet on exactly how long he will be out of action. Ospreay took to Twitter to share an x-ray of his neck injury: