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Billy Corgan issues statement on status of NWA

Billy Corgan NWA

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of the NWA has been in question.

Not only has the promotion not been able to run shows with fans, but they also had to split ties with Dave Lagana after he was accused of sexual assault. Stars like Ricky Starks and Zicky Dice have departed.

Back in July, NWA President Billy Corgan made it known that the promotion wasn’t shutting down, but since that time, there haven’t been many updates regarding their plans until now.

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Corgan took to his Instagram account, which is set to private, but later shared by the NWA’s Twitter account, to issue the following statement:

“One year ago, we shot our first episode of NWA POWERRR; suffice to say it’s been a crazy ride ever since. From trending #1 worldwide on our debut to successful PPV’s to having to stop many plans (including the Crockett Cup) due to the plague to Rosa appearing with the NWA Women’s Championship on AEW to now adding our voice to the collective that is Prime Time Live on the UWN, I can only say to our great fans ‘hang in there.’

We are currently talking about bringing back POWERRR very soon, even if it means we can’t have fans in the stands because we just want to get back to work. But it’s nice to see our friend and former champion Tim Storm here. If anyone can lead us out of this, it’s a man or woman like him: who gives it all he or she’s got even when the chips are down. That sounds more grim than I mean it, case yeah: still here, still kicking, and ready to get ready to rock…” notes that the NWA recently issued a survey asking fans about their enthusiasm towards the NWA Powerrr series in addition to buying PPV events and here fans would rank the NWA in the top five of wrestling shows.