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Billy Corgan says he is not shutting down the NWA

Billy Corgan NWA

In the wake of rumors suggesting that the NWA is about to shut down, Billy Corgan provided an update on the status of the company.

"A quick note about the National Wrestling Alliance, which I fought for, and won ownership of a few years back. We are NOT shutting down. So please disregard any and all rumor to effect. The @NWA is not and will not be for sale, and those talent who are under contract remain under contract for a reason: which is that we at the NWA fare trying to figure out a way to provide our great fans with wrestling content in a very, very tough environment. And, most importantly, keep our talent safe and the standard of production you've come to expect from us at a high level. Anything less, in my opinion, is unacceptable. So yes, appreciate the interest, appreciate the chatter, but don't appreciate the unsourced rumors and speculation."

Corgan's statement comes a day after former WWE/ECW star Raven said that he's heard that Corgan was not going to start the company back up. Raven and Corgan have been friends for several years so there appeared to be some weight behind his statement. However, Corgan's statement contradicts the rumors.

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