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The NWA goes live on YouTube on January 31st and their next-pay-per-view called 'NUFF Said," airs on February 11. Billy Corgan spoke with Steve Fall's Ten Count about his company, WWE sale talks, and more.

Here are some transcribed highlights and scroll down to watch the entire interview.

Billy Corgan talking about NWA Powerrr going live on January 31st:

“We’re trying to shorten the cycles on our pay-per-view windows. We’re going to try to do five pay-per-views this year, so we're trying to create some different dynamics as far as how to set up the pay-per-views. The longer taping cycles become a little bit problematic sometimes to keep the promotional energy going, so this is something new we’re trying to introduce.”

On leaving FITE TV:

“I think it’s just the dynamic of the world that we live in. I think you see it with a lot of over-the-top networks. They’re offering a lot of free stuff to try to drive whatever they’re trying to drive. We’re in that position where it’s like, behind the paywall, we’re doing a lot of great programming, but a lot of people aren’t necessarily seeing it, or if they’re seeing it, they’re seeing it delayed or they may have seen spoilers. I know NWA fans go out of their way not to see spoilers. I think going back to a Tuesday and Saturday format where everybody’s watching at the same time and trying to leverage social media and all the things that you need. I think that’s part of the economics of it. It’s a different sort of economics than sort of being in a financial relationship with FITE.”

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NWA will be on PPV February 11th headlined by Tyrus defending the NWA Title against Matt Cardona:

“I’ve spoken to him (Tyrus) over the years, so I know where his head is at. He’s a person who feels he’s always been overlooked in the wrestling business. I never had that opinion. Our relationship goes back to the TNA days when we used to sit there and talk about how he was being underutilized there. I was in a position in the NWA where I could put him in a position to kind of make the point, and being the team player that he is, he wanted to build up the Television Title first. I think he’s done a tremendous job on that. So to me, it was a natural step to move him up into the World Heavyweight Title picture. Not everybody agrees, but I come from an era, being born in 1967, growing up with the big guys in the 70s, Andre, Ernie Ladd, stuff like that where promotions were built around giants. I think Tyrus will make a case here. Here’s the thing about it. You have that styles clash between somebody like Tyrus who’s kind of a self made man in one way and Matt Cardona who’s a self made man in a completely different way, and I like the cultural clash there too.”

On if he’s talked to other streaming platforms to air NWA:

“Yes, I’ve probably talked to six or seven streaming platforms in the last year. The interest in the NWA as a property has increased probably 500% over the last year."

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