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David Arquette goes off on critics: “I’m done apologizing”

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette has received a ton of criticism over the past 20 years. Arquette once won the WCW World Championship after starring in the film “Ready To Rumble,” based on a fictional WCW Superstar who feuded with Diamond Dallas Page. His victory was seen as a major embarrassment to the title’s legacy and the professional wrestling business as a whole.

20 years later, Arquette has returned to wrestling and is working indy shows around the country. Arquette wants to earn the respect of the wrestling community and hopefully take some of the heat off of his WCW Title reign. However, despite coming back and attempting to earn his stripes, Arquette has still received a ton of criticism online.

It appears he has had enough. Arquette went on the following rant towards negative wrestling fans after he was recenlty announced for NWA’s “Pop-Up Show,” and said he’s “done apologizing”:

“I love all the hate I’m getting here. It baffles me that these people can love wrestling just like I do but I’m a joke in their eyes. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. 8 months of training. Two surgeries, 3 broken ribs, traveling across the US, getting…”

“Stiffed by promoters, helping shine a light on talent I believe in that aren’t getting recognized, doing little things I won’t mention to give back to both wrestling and individual wrestlers and I’m the asshole? Wrestling is for the people and by the people…”

“I may have grown up in Hollywood but I’m not some stuck up punk. I had and opportunity to be a part of WCW when I was in my 20’s to travel with some of my heroes in the ring and I took it. I’m done apologizing. Now I just want to kick some ass so any of you bitches have a…”

“Problem with me I’ll see you in Tennessee or wherever I’m wrestling and we can settle it like men.”


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