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Kamille retains NWA Women’s Championship at EmPowerrr PPV

The NWA Women’s World Championship match between Kamille and Leyla Hirsch was the semi-main event of the NWA EmPowerrr pay-per-view in St. Louis.

The match started with a lock up and Kamille shoving Hirsch to the mat. Hirsch tried a double leg but Kamille tossed her off. Hirsch was finally able to mount some offense with a hurricanrana springboard off the top rope. Hirsch followed up with a dive through the ropes to the outside.

Hirsch flew through the air but Kamille caught her and tossed her into the steps. Kamille took over on offense but Hirsch tried to fight back with a sleeper hold. Kamille backed up in the corner but Hirsch locked her up in an armbar submission over the ropes. Hirsch tried to follow up but Kamille caught her in a Samoan Drop. Every time Hirsch would get a small bit of offense, Kamille would cut her off.

Kamille set up Hirsch for a move off the top but Hirsch countered into a German suplex off the top. Hirsh hit three more German suplexes and two running knees to the face into a pin attempt. Hirsch locked in a cross armbar but Kamille pulled herself to the bottom rope. Kamille came back with a torture rack into a power bomb but Hirsch kicked out of the pin attempt. Both women traded forearms to the head and chest and Hirsch hit another German and a lariat into a pin attempt. Hirsch followed up with a moonsault but Kamille moved. Hirsch ducked a spear attept attempt and then she hit a backstabber and then locked in an armbar submission into a triangle submission. Kamille tried to power out but Hirsch hed on until Kamille finally broke free. Kamille picked up and dumped Layla and then speared her to win the match.

In the crowd, Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis traded words as Kamille walked out with her title with Thomas Latimer by her side.

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