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Matt Cardona says he will be at NWA Alwayz Ready despite getting surgery

Billy Corgan and Matt Cardona appeared on "Busted Open" to discuss Cardona's run in NWA and provided an injury update.

Billy Corgan talking about Matt Cardona being in the NWA:

“What I saw was the minute that Matt Cardona came into the NWA, a bunch of people got stressed out. In my experience in entertainment, that's a good stress. That means he represents progress. He represents the future. He represents the change that's coming, "Corgan said.

"Matt Cardona probably single handedly has demonstrated to many professional wrestlers in the business that you can build a business that's totally different than the one that existed before Matt Cardona figured out whatever he's figured out."

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"In building that business and building your brand, he's created leverage that creates more leverage with the promoters. He's gotten himself over in a way that most people thought he could never get himself over. Then when you look back at how he got himself over in the WWE, and where they kept knocking him down and knocking him down, they didn't let that bird fly as far as it could have flown."

Matt Cardona gave us an update on his injury:

"The doctor is suggesting surgery which I will be getting on Tuesday. But there is no way I'm not coming to a Pay-Per View named after me (NWA Alwayz Ready on June 11th). I will be there. I don't know what exactly is going to happen. I don't know exactly what's going to go down. I am going to be there. I'm going to have the 10 pounds of gold with me and that's really Billy's decision what he wants to do,” Cardona said.

"Trust me, part of me wanted to just tape it up and work through it. But I want to be doing this for a long, long time. So it's probably better that I get it taken care of right now. There's no good time to get hurt, but this certainly isn't it. You know, NWA World's Heavyweight Champion having a Pay-Per-View named after me. Just being the King of the Indies, the Deathmatch King, and we have Slammiversary coming up. This is not a good time to get hurt, but sh*t happens."

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