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Mickie James talks Impact Wrestling Multiverse of Matches event, the possibility of NWA Empowerrr 2



Mickie James spoke with AJ Singh of “The Wrassingh Show” podcast. The following highlights were sent to us:

Question 1:

Do we have any word on NWA Empowerrr 2, is the PPV happening?

Mickie’s response:

“Yes! I mean obviously, it's been something that's come up in conversation now and it's just something that I need to sit with Billy and we have to have a conversation but the idea was always to make it an annual event that was always.. you know, when we first obviously, it was like, ‘well, let’s look, let’s do the first one and see how it does and how if it's successful, and if there's a need or a vibe or a desire to do a second one.’

And I feel like it's been so powerful and so unanimous about wanting a second one that we must, we must.”

Question 2:

At the Oscars, we saw Will Smith reacting very loudly and slapping Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife.

But last week, at Impact Wrestling, Matt Cardona physically attacked her, so what kind of a reaction can we expect from Mickie’s husband, Nick Aldis when the two of them meet Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona at Impact Wrestling ‘Multiverse of Matches?’

Mickie’s Response:

“Oh well.. I'm sure you're aware that Nick [Aldis] is furious with Matt [Cardona] and there's no secret that Matt and Nick, you know, there is no love lost there in the first place, and I felt like.. I tried to stay, just because when Chelsea [Green] and I both, in this last year have been on our own kind of journeys, kind of everywhere and I even had, you know she was at [NWA] Empowerrr in the women's invitational and won the cup!

You know, and then she's gone to do so many different things and i've really just I felt like I was trying to look out for her and I wanted to stay neutral because I'm a professional about the situation between her husband and mine but clearly.. you know, professionalism is not a thing that goes both ways so no, Nick is furious because you know, Matt put his hands on me and that was kind of a low blow, I think because he knew that Nick wasn't there and he knew that he was going to see that and be livid and that's exactly what happened.

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So at the ‘Multiverse of matches,’ I think.. you know, leaving Impact Wrestling and and having that happen but also with what happened at the [NWA] Crockett Cup, just before that.. it’s just, I think come the ‘Multiverse of matches,’ Matt's gonna be in for a rude awakening, a real rude awakening because it’s personal now, it's real personal.”

Question 3:

While Matt Cardona physically assaulted Mickie James, can we expect Mickie’s husband, Nick Aldis to also physically attack Matt’s wife, Chelsea Green? And if so, would Mickie be okay with it?

Mickie’s Response:

“I just know my husband and he doesn’t.. he’s not raised that way. He was raised very traditional, you don't put your hands on a woman and you know, he doesn't respect it.

He doesn’t.. you know, I'm not saying he won't stop her [Chelsea Green] from hitting me but I think he's pretty confident that I can take care of Chelsea and I'll leave him to take care of Matt, but he’s a little nicer than me, where I will totally kick Matt and I will slap Matt because I’m.. you know, crazy lady! He wouldn't put his hands on a woman, not like that, not like that.”

Question 4:

Since Mickie James is the locker room leader, is she planning on doing something about the faction ‘Honor No More,’ since they have been wreaking havoc at Impact ever since their arrival. Also, is a Maria Kanellis vs Mickie James match possible in the future?

Mickie’s Response:

“A little throwback, if you will? Been a long time since I've wrestled one Maria Kanellis!” I will say, they haven't ruffled my feathers per and I've had a lot of irons on the fire at the moment. l

Like between Tasha Steelz and Savannah, and obviously Chelsea [Green] and Deonna [Purrazzo] before that, and I have to say that I have a lot of respect for Maria.

For everything that she did over at Ring of Honor, you know, she kind of took it upon herself and I know it wasn't an easy task because you know, Ring of Honor.. they had a good crew of girls but they really.. she worked so hard to showcase them and make it special and do something different for the ladies over there.

So I have a lot of love and admiration for Maria, for that so they [Honor No More] haven’t put their hands on me yet or tried any stuff with me yet so I'm really not trying to cross hairs with them unless I have to, but if I have to, I think we know the outcome and I think we already know what's going to happen there.”