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NWA EmPowerrr results: live coverage

NWA EmPowerrr
August 28, 2021
Chase’s Khorassan Ballroom
St. Louis, MO

We are live with ongoing coverage of NWA EmPowerrr, airing live on FITE TV. We will update this page with results after every match so refresh this page throughout the night.

Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Austin Idol called the action.


Paola Mayfield defeated (with Taryn Terrell and Jennacide)

Skye Blue vs. Christi Jaynes
Jaynes had the match won but she hesitated and then missed a moonsault. Blue won with a schoolgirl rollup.

Main Card

There were some technical difficulties at the start. There was a black screen shown and the announcers could be heard trying to get things situated.

Mickie James kicked off the show. She said tonight is about women’s wrestling and “they” told her that tonight wouldn’t be possible and that women’s wrestling doesn’t make money so she bet on the best women for the NWA.

Interpromotional triple threat match
Chik Tormenta (AAA) vs. Diamante (AEW) vs. Kylie Rae (NWA)

They started with a three way knuckle lock and then they transitioned into quick rollups. Tormenta was knocked out of the ring so it was Diamante vs. Rae for a couple of minutes. They did a cool Tower of Doom spot that led into Tormenta covering Diamante and then covering Raw but it was a 2 count on both occasions. Rae had the match almost won with a crossface on Tormenta but Diamante distracted the ref by tossing a chain in the ring and then she pinned Tormenta after hitting the Canadian Destroyer.

NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinal
The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Belle) vs. Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle and Sahara 7)

Belle and Michelle started out the match. The Hex quickly got Michelle isolated in the corner and the made quick tags to keep the double team with stops in the corner. Sahara 7 dominated the match against Belle for several minutes until Belle fought back with a discus forearm. She made the hot tag to Kay and Kay cleaned house with chops, corner splashes and the face wash kick in the corner. Kay got the pin on Michelle after hitting the Hexicution. This was a good match. Fast paced, lots of action.

NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinal
Red Velvet and KiLynn King vs. The Freebabes (Jazzy Yang, Hollyhood Haley J, and Miranda Gordy)

Velvet and Haley J started the match but Haley quickly tagged out to Gordy and Velvet tagged out to King. Moments later, Velvet was distracted by Haley J when a fur coat was thrown on Velvet. That allowed Gordy to take over on offense. King won the match for her team after hitting a faceslam on Haley J.

Backstage interview with The Hex.

Gail Kim made a surprise appearance. She went to the ring and she talked about some of the legendary women wrestlers from yesteryear. Kim said she is humbled and appreciative that the NWA asked her to be part of this event. Kim was interrupted… Taryn Terrell came out and she was accompanied by Jennacide and Paola Blaze. Terrell said that this is all about her and she wanted Gail out of the ring. Awesome Kong walked out and she took out Blaze and Jannacide. It was Kong and Kim left in the ring. Kong said it’s been a hard year in the Kong residence and one thing got her off the couch and away from delicious ice cream bars and that’s Gail Kim. Kong said she is done (retired) and then she hugged Kim. It was an emotional segment.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Deonna Purrazzo vs. Melina Perez

They locked up and then Melina hit a Lou Thesz press to start things off. Melina got a headlock but Purrazzo pulled the hair but Melina came back with a kick to the head and surfboard submission. Several minutes into the match, Purrazzo was on offense with a figure four leg lock. Purrazzo tried a heel hook but Melina rolled her up with a near fall. Purrazzo got up and continued the attack with stomps and forearms in the corner. Purrazzo went for a shoulder block but Melina moved and Purrazzo crashed through the ropes and into the ring post. Melina came close to winning the title after a pin attempt that came after she hit double knees to Purrazzo’s back. Purrazzo came back with a side Russian leg sweep and a half crab submission but Melina made it to the bottom rope. Melina slid out of a package piledriver attempt. Melina tried a sunset bomb but she slipped and Purrazzo went for the pin attempt. Melina had trouble getting up because of her bad knee. Referee Becky Phillips was about to call the match but Melina told her not to and she continued with shoulders into Purrazzo in the corner but Melina had trouble standing and Purrazzo kicked the bad leg. Melina tried to continue on offense but the leg gave out and Purrazzo locked in an armbar submission. Purrazzo transitioned into a half crab and forced Melina to submit. That was great.

Madusa came out for commentary for the next match. She will present the title to the winners.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament final
The Hex (Allisyn Kay and Marti Belle) vs. Red Velvet and KiLynn King

King and Kay started the match and then it was Belle against Velvet. Belle did a three amigos suplex spot that was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. King tagged in and she took a hard running knee to the face from Belle. Moments later, Velvet hit a flurry of offense on Kay into a near fall. Again, Velvet has looked great in her two matches tonight. Velvet hit Kay with a stunner but Kay came back with a spinebuster. Both women made the tag and it was Belle hitting a flurry of offense on King with forearms and a stomp to the chest into a pin attempt. The other two women fought around ringside. Velvet went for a splash off the top but Belle moved. Kay hit an assisted AK47 and Belle got the pin to win the match. All four women hugged after the match.

Billy Corgan walked out with the original NWA Women’s Championship that was held by Mildred Burke.

NWA Women’s World Championship
Kamille vs. Leyla Hirsch

The match started with a lock up and Kamille shoving Hirsch to the mat. Hirsch tried a double leg but Kamille tossed her off. Hirsch was finally able to mount some offense with a hurricanrana springboard off the top rope. Hirsch followed up with a dive through the ropes to the outside.

Hirsch flew through the air but Kamille caught her and tossed her into the steps. Kamille took over on offense but Hirsch tried to fight back with a sleeper hold. Kamille backed up in the corner but Hirsch locked her up in an armbar submission over the ropes. Hirsch tried to follow up but Kamille caught her in a Samoan Drop. Every time Hirsch would get a small bit of offense, Kamille would cut her off.

Kamille set up Hirsch for a move off the top but Hirsch countered into a German suplex off the top. Hirsh hit three more German suplexes and two running knees to the face into a pin attempt. Hirsch locked in a cross armbar but Kamille pulled herself to the bottom rope. Kamille came back with a torture rack into a power bomb but Hirsch kicked out of the pin attempt. Both women traded forearms to the head and chest and Hirsch hit another German and a lariat into a pin attempt. Hirsch followed up with a moonsault but Kamille moved. Hirsch ducked a spear attept attempt and then she hit a backstabber and then locked in an armbar submission into a triangle submission. Kamille tried to power out but Hirsch hed on until Kamille finally broke free. Kamille picked up and dumped Layla and then speared her to win the match.

In the crowd, Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis traded words as Kamille walked out with her title with Thomas Latimer by her side.

NWA Women’s Invitational Cup
Bianca Carelli vs. Chelsea Green vs. Debbie Malenko vs. Lady Frost vs. Jamie Senegal (with Pollo Del Mar) vs. Jennacide (with Taryn Terrell) vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Thunder Kitty vs. Tootie Lynn

Bianca Carelli, the daughter of Santino Marella, made her national debut in this match. Gennacide was put over as a mega threat. She was pinned by three women at the same time. The hometown favorite Tootie Lynn was the final entrant. Despite being a rookie, she looked good. Green, Hogan, Lynn, and Slamovich were the final 4 women in the match.

Late in the match, there was a tower of doom spot with all 4 women involved. That led to Slamovich pinning Hogan. Green and Lynn were the final 2. Green won with the unprettier. The entire roster came out to show their support for Green.

Order of entry (every 2 minutes, a new entrant enters the match, eliminations are by pinfall or submission)
1. Chelsea Green
2. Kiera Hogan
3. Bianca Carelli
4. Thunder Kitty
5. Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell)
6. Lady Frost
7. Debbie Malenko
8. Jamie Senegal (w/ Pollo Del Mar)
9. Masha Slamovich
10. Tootie Lynn

Order of elimination
1. Bianca Carelli pinned by Jennacide
2. Thunder Kitty pinned by Jennacide
3. Lady Frost forced to tap out by Debbie Malenko
4. Kiera Hogan pinned Debbie Malenko
5. Gennacide pinned by three women.
6. Jamie Senegal pinned by Masha Slamovich
7. Kiera Hogan pinned by Masha Slamovich.
8. Masha Slamovich pinned by Tootie Lynn
9. Tootie Lynn pinned by Chelsea Green

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