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NWA Powerrr Ep. 7 is back up with Jim Cornette comments removed, Nick Aldis issues a statement

Nick Aldis Jim Cornette

Episode 7 of NWA Powerrr is back up on YouTube with Jim Cornette's offensive comments edited off the show.

Nick Aldis commented on the situation on Twitter: "I'm sorry for the inappropriate remarks and am glad to see they have been promptly edited out. I hope this is the first and last time an episode of #NWAPowerrr is overshadowed by something like this."

Aldis continued, "This is in no way speaking on behalf of the NWA, I am absolutely speaking for myself: I thought the comment was in poor taste and unnecessary. I totally understand why it caused many to be upset. It was a lack of judgment or sensitivity. I have worked really hard along with many others on this team to make this brand mean something again and this is not how I want the NWA to be trending."

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You can check out the latest episode by clicking below.