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In an exclusive interview for, Steve Fall's Ten Count spoke with NWA World Women's Champion Kamille.

Kamille was asked if she feels like there are enough talent in NWA to pull off a PPV quality Empowerrr:

"I do think that we could pull it off, but I think that the special thing about Empowerrr was the fact that it brought together ladies from all walks of wrestling, whether that be AEW, Impact, AAA. So that's the thing that I think that was interesting about it. I think Billy already mentioned like, he doesn't have a working relationship with AEW right now, so that would kind of be off the table. But I don't think that's a big deal. I think we could still pull it off in a great way. But the thing that I think kind of gets blown out of proportion a bit is, does it have to be every year? We didn't say that it's never gonna happen again. I think that it definitely will happen again. It's just a fact of when, and to me, if you wait a little bit longer, it makes it even more special the next time that you have it. To me, if you start making it like an every year type of thing, it's to be expected and then the specialness kind of goes away. You know, for instance, WWE, they had the Mae Young. When's the last time they had a Mae Young, but people aren't going crazy about that.”

On Nick Aldis leaving the NWA:

"This is going to sound like I'm the coldest person ever, but I don't really get attached to people, like even though I did work with Nick for two years underneath him, and he's my husband's best friend, so he's a family friend of ours. On just a friendship level, we love Nick. But on a business level, that's none of my business.”

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“To me, all I've gotten from it is that he doesn't really agree with the direction NWA is going in right now, and that's okay. Like, that's his thoughts, so he wants to try something new. I wish him the best of luck in trying new stuff and kind of the free agency world because it can be a scary place. He's betting on himself and gonna see what happens. I find it to be a bit sad the way things ended, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, people feel a certain way and they just let it out and that's what happens. Especially like we said, with social media, it's right there. If you're feeling a certain way, you can just put it out right then and things happen.”

“I think like, as far as the locker room goes, I'm not in the men's locker room, but, I feel like everything will be just fine. You can’t base your whole company around one person. So I think if someone left and then the whole locker room just fell apart, like, 'oh my gosh', like, that's not a thing that happens. Maybe the people on the outside watching, they feel that way because for them, Nick was the face, but just as far as the locker room goes, that's not what happened. Like if someone leaves, you gotta keep working. Like, it's your job. It's another day at the office. You know, it's just someone's gone and now you just keep working." 

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