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There is a lot of fallout coming from Steve Fall's interview with Billy Corgan and more is coming out that was previously unreported about the issues between Nick Aldis and Corgan.

Fightful was scheduled to interview Aldis but after news broke that Aldis gave his notice and after he was pulled from this weekend's shows by the NWA, the interview was postponed. 

Aldis noted that Corgan's disrespect towards himself and his wife Mickie James in the lead up to and after the inaugural NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view is a "huge reason" for the relationship between Aldis and the NWA souring. It was also stated that both have never spoken about this publicly because Aldis was a top star in the company.

Fightful adds that several women who have regularly appeared for the promotion felt disrespected by Corgan and Trevor Murdoch claiming that there wasn't enough depth or enough women for a second Empowerrr show.

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Corgan said the following during his interview with Steve Fall:

"I'm really intrigued by the interest in Empowerrr. We continue to want to do it. We continue to have discussions with other companies about working together to create a fresh Empowerrr event. The last time I talked about it, I created some headlines because people took umbrage with the fact, in fact, I had Maria Kanellis, and I've known Maria for many years, and I love Maria, but even Maria Kanellis is calling me out saying something about we have women and da, da, da.:

Corgan continued, "I think every company has the right to decide their level of standard. When you create a world class event like in Empowerrr, and it was a world class event, we've set a very, very high standard of what you should expect. Of course, there are plenty of great professional wrestlers in the world. Can they wrestle the NWA style? Can they carry a three hour pay per view? Can they move the case of women's wrestling, not just in wrestling, but in terms of international media forward? These are my concerns. So everybody has their own version of it. That's my version of it and that's why I'm still on that. Until we can provide a world class event with some of the best professional wrestlers in the world, of course, in this case, females on the card, then we won't do it. All this weird howling that goes on around it seems very strange to me because you're taking a positive, and you're making a negative out of a positive. That's so weird to me."