Skip to main content Exclusive: Jamie Stanley on being a part of the NWA Jr. Title qualifying gauntlet, "You have not seen the last of Jamie Stanley."

National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance

In an exclusive interview for, Samira K interviewed Jamie Stanley. Stanley recently wrestled in a qualifying gauntlet match for the NWA Jr Title for NWA Powerrrr which was won by Homicide. He was asked what it was like to be a part of that match:

“It was great to be part of a match that highlights the lineage of a fantastic history behind the junior heavyweight championship. Obviously, it would have looked better with ‘America’s Jawline’ having the championship around his fantastically sculpted waist. That didn’t happen tonight, but there are more matches in the future. It was a great opportunity to be a part, but you have not seen the last of Jamie Stanley.”

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