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Aaron Frobel (Michael Elgin) provides documents to refute allegations made by his ex-fiance

UPDATE: Frobel (Elgin) tweeted the following:

“There was a order in place for 6 months, which lawyers agreed as my ex used the online articles from Impact, which my lawyer urged to take the 6 month order.”

ORIGINAL: Aaron Frobel (Michael Elgin) has sent us documents to show his side of the story in regards to allegations made by his ex-fiance Alex last year. The incident report from Belleville PD listed Frobel as the “ARRESTEE” and “CHARGES: VIOLATION OF ORDER OF PROTECTION.” The report stated that the case was “ASSIGNED TO INVESTIGATIONS.” However, Frobel states that he was not arrested.

Frobel says the order of protection ended on November 12 but on November 18 another sheriff served him with another order of protection and he had to go to court for it on December 7. Frobel states that he went to the courthouse with evidence and his ex-fiance did not show up and that now there is no restraining order in place (see image below).

Provided by Aaron Frobel

Frobel says he was not arrested on June 30, 2021 because he was in Indiana and not Illinois on that day. Frobel said last December, “I told everybody, which nobody believed me of course, that I was taken down to the police station for a wellness check. I asked why they were taking my picture. They said if we don’t take a wellness check seriously, they could be held liable if I hurt myself or if I hurt anybody else. And then they sent me to the hospital and from the hospital, I went to the psych ward and I spent three days there – July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I was released on the 5th. If I was arrested and I did break the order of protection, that’s a misdemeanor right? So if you go to St. Clair County website and type in Aaron Frobel, December 13, 1986 then you can verify this.”

Frobel included a screenshot from a Circle K transaction in New Albany, Indiana (dated June 30, 2021) and a screenshot from the St. Clair County website that states that he has 0 misdemeanors. Another screenshot includes paperwork showing that he was admitted into a medical center on 7/2/21.

Frobel provided the following document to back up his statement about his hospital stay:

Provided by Aaron Frobel

Below is the screenshot of the Circle K transaction:

Provided by Aaron Frobel

Last December, reached out to Belleville PD for an update and we received the following statement: “We have no further information to release. Any additional information regarding case status would need to be provided by the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office.”

In regards to the case status, Frobel tells us, “Last I was told when I filed a report against her it was not moving forward as they found zero proof I broke the order. Because I didn’t. You do realize I would have not got a visa from Japan if I had a criminal record”

Frobel also tells that he plans on suing the Belleville police department and the city.

State records indicate that an order of protection was denied on 11/18/21. Per St. Clair County’s website, the case status is listed as “OPEN” and the last activity listed is from 12/7/21 for an order of protection hearing. We reached out to Frobel’s accuser and she has declined to comment further.

St Clair County

Frobel’s case history with St. Clair County (see below) indicates that he has not been convicted. Frobel’s case history states that he has 0 pending felony and misdemeanor cases with the county. has made multiple attempts to get an update from the St. Clair County Attorney’s office. We will provide an update if we hear back from them.

St. Clair County

Elgin sent out this tweet:

Twitter: MichaelElgin25

Retraction:’s original post from July 14, 2021 includes the police report and an additional statement sent to us from Frobel’s accuser. Frobel is disputing what was stated to by his accuser. We have removed the additional statement provided to us since we cannot independently confirm what was being alleged. 

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