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Aaron Frobel (Michael Elgin) responds to allegations by his ex-fiance

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Aaron Frobel (Michael Elgin) posted a video on YouTube earlier this week to address the allegations from his ex-fiance from June of this year.

Before the original article was published on 7/14/21, spoke with his ex-fiance. We also reached out to Frobel but we did not receive a response. also obtained the incident report from Belleville PD. The report (included in this article) from Belleville PD listed Frobel as the "ARRESTEE" and "CHARGES: VIOLATION OF ORDER OF PROTECTION." The report stated that the case was "ASSIGNED TO INVESTIGATIONS." In the video posted on YouTube this week, Frobel denies that he was arrested.

Frobel claims in his video that his ex-fiance "jumped at the opportunity to spread false information online."

Frobel added that he argued about a lot of things during the last 2 or 3 days of the relationship and "I will take full blame for that last week of our relationship."

Frobel says he didn't want to go to court when the order of protection was filed against him because he didn't want to talk about the relationship and he didn't want to be "talking about your past."

On the order of protection, Frobel said, "You did get an order of protection but an order of protection if you go to court and you fight about it and it gets put in place it's for two years. Your lawyer contacted my lawyer and said let's leave it in place for six months and then it will be over. I agreed because I did not want to see you in court and deal with you being upset and seeing you cry and that would have devastated me because I was already broken and I was in a dark place. I was in a dark place for a long time and this is the first time I've had some freedom."

Frobel says the order of protection ended on November 12 but on November 18 another sheriff served him with another order of protection and he had to go to court for it on December 7. Frobel claims that he went to the courthouse with evidence and his ex-fiance did not show up and that now there is no restraining order in place.

Frobel added, "the last few days of our relationship when you moved out on April 20th, I was having a breakdown and that's no excuse, it's not. I know that I was wrong and yes, I was upset, I was frustrated, I was heartbroken. I was trying to call and text way too much. I agree with you there but maybe that's because you made sure I was isolated."

Frobel claimed that his ex-fiance got him fired from his job at a fitness club and that he spend Thanksgiving and Christmas (last year) with her family.

Frobel says he was not arrested on June 30th because he was in Indiana and not Illinois on that day. Frobel added, "I told everybody, which nobody believed me of course, that I was taken down to the police station for a wellness check. I asked why they were taking my picture. They said if we don't take a wellness check seriously, they could be held liable if I hurt myself or if I hurt anybody else. And then they sent me to the hospital and from the hospital, I went to the psych ward and I spent three days there - July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I was released on the 5th. If I was arrested and I did break the order of protection, that's a misdemeanor right? So if you go to St. Clair County website and type in Aaron Frobel, December 13, 1986 then you can verify this."

Frobel posted a screenshot from a Circle K transaction in New Albany, Indiana (dated June 30, 2021) and a screenshot from the St. Clair County website that states that he has 0 misdemeanors. Another screenshot includes paperwork showing that he was admitted into a medical center on 7/2/21.

Frobel also denied claims that he tried to isolate his ex-fiance from friends and he noted that he "was so damaged when you left because I couldn't have my friends over but your friends were always welcome." He also claimed that he was fine with hanging out with her friends and parents and that he gave up his dog because the dog made his ex-fiance depressed.

Frobel said, "yes, I had a breakdown that last week and it's no excuse. I'm not saying it was an excuse to act like an a**hole that week. It's not but through counseling and psychiatry, I found that a lot of things I never dealt with over my life and it just all hit me at once. And if you hadn't left I don't think I would have worked on things and I really don't think I would have the lease on life I would right now if all this didn't go down this way. I think I'll have a better lease on life if people watch this video and check everything out."

Frobel said that he can be "an angry person but not at you and not normally at regular people or people in my life but I get angry and I get heated, yes. My outlet was always wrestling but now I didn't have that outlet and sometimes it was nice to let off steam. You because of your past, you would ask me to calm down and I would say, 'baby I'm not mad at you' and you would say, 'I know but still this frustrates me.'"

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Frobel says that "lovey dovey" texts from his ex-fiance prove that he wasn't so "bad our whole relationship."

Frobel also claimed that his ex-fiance sent a fake text after the order of protection was filed. Frobel also said that the claim that he would see male and female escorts was said to embarrass him and that he admits that "I would get random texts. You know if you have iPhone and it says report as junk because you don't communicate with that number so I would often get texts like that and I would get other texts asking when I'm gonna see them and Snapchats and all that stuff and I realize it was offputting but unfortunately if you're in the public eye, sometimes sh*t things like that happens like when I was accused of sending a d*ck picture and my ex-wife would randomly get texts of d*ck pictures so it happens and I explained this and you said you believed me and I would be beside you and I was communicating with somebody that was emailing me info about there was profiles me and you saw it. I gave you the email as well."

Frobel also denied claims that he cheated during the relationship. He also denied having an STD and then he posted paperwork dated on 5/13/21 from SIHF Healthcare that states that his "recent test results" were negative.

In the video, Frobel posted several phone messages that included explicit texts that he says proves that what occurred during their sexual relationship was consensual and he did not force her and other screenshots that he says proves that he did not isolate her as was claimed in the incident report.

Frobel claimed that media outlets never asked about "the accusations or what was happening." did reach out to Frobel on July 11, 2021, at 3:34 PM eastern but we did not hear back until this week.

Frobel ended the video by saying, "People are gonna say I'm victim blaming but if you watch this, these interviews made me a victim. Your words made me a victim. And we are gonna cover every accusation that has been made towards me because I have proof and whether you want to believe the proof or verify it, whatever you must do. But I am no longer gonna sit here and think about killing myself because of what you have done so I hope you like the video and I hope you love your newfound 15 minutes of fame."

Frobel's video was removed from YouTube with a message stating, "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying."

The incident report, dated 6/15/2021, is posted below. reached out to Belleville PD for an update and we received the following statement: "We have no further information to release. Any additional information regarding case status would need to be provided by the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office." has reached out to the State Attorney's Office and we will post an update on this case if/when we receive it.

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Retraction:'s original post from July 14, 2021 includes the police report and an additional statement sent to us from Frobel's accuser. Frobel is disputing what was stated to by his accuser. We have removed the statement provided to us since we cannot independently confirm what was sent to us. 

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