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All In final touches could indicate plans to broadcast event


All In is coming together nicely for everyone except for Flip Gordan. After all, he lost a mixed tag match meaning MJF and Madison Rayne are All In but Gordon is not. This news made Cody Rhodes pretty happy but Flip was still not amused by being kept out of the world's biggest independent show in history.

The event already sold out in less time than it takes to watch any Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada match, especially their one at Dominion. In fact, the September 1st event was sold out before Okada defeated Omega in the first fall of their epic Dominion confrontation. Selling out in record time was a huge accomplishment but now they just need to put the show together.

Cody Rhodes said on Wrestling Observer Radio after their quick sell-out that he had about 4 cards already in mind for the big show. He also said that he had graphics on his phone ready to go out announcing more people who were All In. We've already seen some great additions like the all-star referees that will be at the show but one recent announcement made some fans very excited who couldn't get a ticket.

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The American Nightmare revealed in that same Wrestling Observer Radio interview that there could be some problems broadcasting the event. Although he said there are some people in mind if they decide to air the show on streaming service or pay-per-view there could be an issue about the eclectic line-up for the show. After all, guys like Penta O M and Fenix have deals with different companies than Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Tessa Blanchard, and Okada. Some companies might have an issue with their talent appearing on a show that is broadcasted live.

But it looks like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel because Don Callis was just announced as the All In announcer. His skills on Impact Wrestling provide an excellent addition to the show painting a verbal picture of what is transpiring in the ring. Therefore some fans are hopeful Callis' inclusion for the event means it will air in some form.

Only time will tell if All In will be availble for pay-per-view but it would really make a lot of fans happy who were unable to snag a ticket in the 30 minutes they were on sale and don't want to spring for seven times the original amount on the secondary market.