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All In to be 100% broadcasted in some capacity

All In is going to be an outstanding event with an all-star lineup of talent. However, fans were a little bummed when the event sold out in less than thirty minutes leaving so many who wanted to go without a ticket to the show. On top of that, there was no intention being made to broadcast the show.

Now it looks like that has changed. Don Callis was named color commentator during the NJPW Dominion show so people were hoping this would mean the show will be broadcasted in some form. It looks like that is exactly what happened as the All In Twitter account recently confirmed this news.

They tweeted out: "We can confirm that we have decided in favor of licensing production. So 100% this event will be broadcasted in some capacity. We want as many people to see it as possible! Details in the coming weeks."

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This is great news and means way more fans will be able to take in the action other than the 10,000 people who were lucky enough to get a seat to the show.

Only time will tell exactly how they end up broadcasting the event, but Cody Rhodes did say they have some people in mind to help with that when he spoke to Wrestling Observer Radio after their record-breaking sellout.

Hopefully, this will spark even more interest in the All In event when so many fans seemed disheartened that they wouldn't be able to actually go to the show.